We invest in more than a promise.

APER* Ventures is a venture capital fund investing in companies with the potential for rapid growth and global expansion. The fund is the result of the professional passion and experience of the founders, gained in the venture capital and angel investing market in Poland and abroad, connected by a well-coordinated investment team. Our goal is to support entrepreneurs with a strong vision and ambition to develop large, international companies. APER consists of three sister vehicles.

*Aper (lat.) – Boar

Our investment vehicles


Capitalization PLN 125m

A unique co-investment model

Partnership with PFR Ventures

Minimum 40% private investor share

Investment size PLN 5m to 20m


Capitalization of PLN 30m

A unique co-investment model

NCBR Bridge Alfa program

Private investor’s share of at least 20%

Investment size PLN 1m


Business Angels Europe (BAE)

Active in the European confederation of business angels networks.

International Investor Relations

Team members have been involved in the management of foreign networks of business angels for years, building relationships with individual investors from all over Europe.

Are you interested in promising ventures at an early stage of development? Are you not afraid to invest in a technology-based business and want to become a Business Angel?