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At Aper Ventures we look for revenue generating companies with distinct growth, operating in a scalable business model in deep tech or hardware verticals looking for a Series A funding. Want to become our portfolio company? Check what we are looking for and get in touch.


Everything you need to know about partnering with us, from reaching out to signing a term sheet.



If you believe that your company might be a good fit to our portfolio, tell us a little bit about your business and your team. We typically have a lot of applications so give us some time to respond.


Investment team review.

Let us take a look at your application and review it. If we find it to be a good match to our criteria, we will get back to you.


First meeting.

If we feel your opportunity is a good fit we will schedule a meeting with one or more members of our team to get to know you and discuss your team, company and products.


Preliminary due diligence.

There are many reasons why we may not progress with your projects at any stage of our investment process. However, if our first meeting goes well we will dive deep to understand more about your company. During this period we will be in close contact and interacting often to discover various aspects of your project.


Investors meeting.

As we are operating in a deal-by-deal model we need to debate the opportunity with our investors. Assuming a positive outcome from the preliminary due diligence process, we will discuss the terms of a possible investment with you and work together to confirm the co-investor. This usually takes a little while, but assuming that it goes well, we will offer you a term sheet.


Due diligence and legal documents.

After we sign a term sheet, we will be working on the legal paperwork, including the Investment Agreement. We will want to conduct a more formal due diligence.


Partnership starts here.

When the due diligence process is done, co-investor is committed, and the legal documents are agreed and signed our partnership formally begins.

Do you have an innovative and well-defined business? Do you have an interesting product, service or technology and you’re planning a global expansion?